Monday, May 23, 2005

Kicking & Screaming (Dylan, 2005)

Has Will Ferrell ever been able to carry a movie on his adorably hairy shoulders? Not yet ("Elf" sucked, you hopped-on-the-bandwagon-too-late idiot, and as a sidenote, shame-on-you Jon Favreau. You waste what you have been given). It's not sweet Will's fault: it doesn't help when your director is blind.

Big Larry Fouch Fuck You to those smary Sideways-fellating critics who wrote something to the effect of: "Directed by Jesse Dylan (Bob's son, who knows a thing or two about father-son competition)...." as if that gave it some funky auterist street cred: well, I'm glad you read the press packet, you dumb Upper-West-Side truffle-oil eating semi-impotent with gray-thinning-pubic-hair motherfucker.


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