Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars Episode III: Return of the Sith (Lucas, 2005)

The finer points of all of this have been written about by more passionate people than myself (I've actually found the AICN guys strangely moving ). So I will make two points:

1. Has there been a film in which a director has been so madly in love with his own iconography? Like late 70s Fellini or late 90s Vivid-Jameson flicks, the joy of style seems to stem not from the narrative, but from the director ogling his own past. It is pure, sticky self-indulgence: the backstory to our nation's greatest myth. At least that's what Lucas and everyone in the movie theater seemed to think. And I was swept up along with them.

2. Is The Godfather the first intercut massacre scene? It's in Goodfellas too, and here is Lucas using it again for the Jeditracide. If anyone knows what weird Walsh/Ford/whoever movie Francis Ford stole it from, I'd love to know.

2a. The kids sitting next to me were discussing if they'd be attending junior prom while simultaneously ripping on each other for being at a Star Wars movie on a Friday night. I had forgotten just how insanely mean high school freaks are to one another.


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