Monday, May 09, 2005

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (Cassavetes 2004)

Fuck yeah. You know those movies, that like in the first 20 minutes, you don't know if you want to keep watching or just run out of the room and tell everyone you know about how rock-and-roll it is?

This is one of those movies. It's about the best movie channel ever that showed the best movies of all time. The documentary includes:

--Henry Jaglom talking about A Safe Place, which my friend Eric quite correctly dubbed "Death by Jaglom." If you haven't seen "Always..." I can't recommend it enough.
--Alexander Payne (who will be his generation's best filmmaker if he stops making yuppie crap like "Sideways") getting misty-eyed over one of my all-time favorites La Notte.
--Stuart Cooper!!!! If you've never seen Overlord you've yet to actually live.

Yes, the doc is not perfect--we never really know enough of Jerry Harvey, "The Leopard" doesn't take place all in one night, and I'm not sure why there is 15 minutes spent on "Turkish Delight"--but it is a must-see for anyone who cares about movies; just write down the titles of all the unknown masterpieces you've never seen and you'll be well-taken care of until July.

This movie is screening on the IFC right now. Watch it. Xan Cassavetes: I love your father and now I love you.


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