Monday, June 06, 2005

The Lords of Dogtown (Hardwicke, 2005)

This had the best scene I've seen in a movie in awhile: without dialogue, Emil Hirsch seduces Nikki Reed by miming and dancing to a Jimi Hendrix song blaring from a houseparty. Something straight out of Chaplin, it simply, beautifully expressed the swaggering awkwardness of adolescent desire.

However, when your three leads aren't good skateboarders--most skate scenes are close-ups of feet, cut to wide angles of silhouetted stunt doubles, then to a skateboard-cam--the magic of the Z-Boys is missing. Instead of casting three non-stars with indie cred--besides Hirsch, there's the kid from Elephant and Victor "Vargas" Rasuk--why didn't Hardwicke just dig up three skate rats from Venice and screw performances out of 'em?