Sunday, October 02, 2005

A History of Violence (Cronenberg, 2005)

A promising early sex-scene left me convinced this movie could be something, but B-list wacko Cronenface has the human insight of an overrated plodding pulpster--in other words his combination of lurid plot and constipacing convinces coastal critics that he's "after something interesting." A vision of America that would seem antiquated in 1955, corny on "Born in the USA"--there's a scene that involves a joint and cruising-down-the-strip--the hosannas piling up on this pile of dung are as baffling as usually genius William Hurt's cringe-worthy performance. Read a book instead.

The Major and The Minor (Wilder, 1942)

Never went to sleep last night, half-crazed from some film failure, but I knew my mood would brighten when the perverts over at TCM programmed this as their early brunchtime sweet Sunday soucon. Wilder's first directorial effort in the USA, Ginger Roger's finest performance. Ray Milland is perfect. The cleanliness of Billy's comedic and narrative line has never been matched, nor the way the scales balance satire and tenderness, always attempted, never achieved but for the master. Cameron Faggot Crowe's nutzoid about Billy always baffled me--Crowe's got Wilder's heart (maybe a bit too much), but Wilder's brain was full of razor blades. Crowe's is full of confetti and Elton John B-Sides.